Living Architecture Greatest American Houses of the 20th Century by Dominique Browning and Lucy Gilmore

Having not had the opportunity to view a copy in its’ entirety, I’m sure all of the great residential designers of the modern era are represented.

With its’ photography being compared to that of Robert Polidori, I’m sure it’s a good piece of eye candy about the two subjects I love so much.



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Wine Country Impromptu Shoot, Ask Questions Later

I couldn’t pass up on trip to the visit a new client that I started working for earlier this spring, a small winery operation in the heart of the wine country. The Caves at Soda Canyon is the brainchild of a young entrepreneurial wine maker with some award wining creations already under his belt.

The idea of Wine, the Wine Country and the picturesque landscape that is so quintessential Sunset Magazine’s best 10 weekend getaways sounded like perfect assignment for me. At first, the marketing team I was working with simply came to me and said, “ We need to get some shots of The Cave”, I thought, a cave is architecture, I guess?

I’m an architectural commercial photographer and should be excited about the idea.

“Oh, by the way The Cave are still being dug and we’re not sure about how to make it look good but, know we need some shots of some of the bottles too”. That was last spring, having visited the Caves a couple of times since then and already having established a working relationship were they trust my creative direction, I’ve since returned a couple of times making quick use of my multifaceted photodojo skills. On past visits I’ve acted as the family portrait photographer while having to quickly shift gears to ensure I cram in a couple of product shots and also manage to leave a couple minutes to get some sunset shots before I call it a wrap. With a little pre-production planning and a light bag filled with the essential location tools like Alien Bee Vagabond Power Packs, 1600 heads and a couple of speed lights; an old waterproof SB 28 and a ballistic Vivitar 285. It’s easy to quickly improvise my lighting a make quick adjustments as needed when I’m running around trying to get that perfect mixture of ambiance and hard highlights that my strobes offer.

On this last trip that we made with the marketing team, the graphic designer and their spouses whom happened to be Brazilian and naturally blessed with some modelesque good looks, I was briefed with some simple facts that there was going to be a wine tasting group coming through around sunset and that The Caves were finished and that they needed some shots for both print and website collateral. Knowing that the wine tasting patron might not be as willing or easily be able to direct as paid talent would be and knowing that walking away with a descent shot that looks natural and real was going to take some quick shooting with a lot of moving around. I quickly put my art directors hat on and saw the modeleque Brazilians standing around as the perfect opportunity to get some life style shots, if I could direct my subjects exactly how I wanted them this would ensure that I walked away with some stellar shots versus trying to create something from a bunch of un suspecting, inebriated wine tour that was probably more interested on making sure their wine glass were full.

In the end I walked away with some great photos of both the wine tasting group and my improvised Brazilian model team. Despite my several years of commercial photography experience behind me and my ability to adapt under tight circumstances, I believe the old idea of always having a plan B, should never be forgotten.


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2013 Marvin Windows and Door Architect’s Challenge Cottage Winner

I love working with Architects. It’s especially rewarding knowing that I am not merely creating art to satisfy a simple thrill but, creating a document of work preformed, ideas brought to life and in some cases used to pat one self on the back with an industry accolade.

I was thrilled to learn that my client Fergus Garber Young Architect were part of this year’s Marvin Window’s and Doors Architect’s Challenge.

The quaint guest cottage is anything but small feeling, flaked next to a large covered outdoor patio that acts as a separate living area with it’s full size fireplace. The Cottage brings big California outdoor living to Suberbia. The full size canopy bed and separate sitting area makes the modest footprint feel a lot bigger and would make most New York apartment dwellers envious of this spacious layout.

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Departed comrade

Departed comrade! Thou, redeemed from pain
Shall sleep the sleep that kings desire in vain:
Not thine the sense of loss
But lo, for us the void
That never shall be filled again.
Not thine but ours the grief.
All pain is fled from thee.
And we are weeping in thy stead;
Tears for the mourners who are left behind
Peace everlasting for the quiet dead.

Lucretius, Roman epic poet and philosopher (ca 94 – 55BC)

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Promotion can be Attractive with Bill Blew, Blogging

Bill Belew

Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning but, having really felt that blessings come in many forms or guises. Having subscribed to the ideology that great artist work on the content of their work rather than the promotion of it, I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that this morning’s seminar has been very insightful and somewhat relates to my original principal that good content is king. Embarrassed in the sense that I truly believed that promotion is best left for entities that are concerned about their bottom line and any real artist should steer clear of any notion of coming across as pitchy. New to the idea of Blogging and writing about my work and how I relate to the world around me when it comes to all things Art and Design and really interested in getting the word out there about my photography art work I’ve been surprised to learn that the actual writing or journaling about my work can be the attraction or aesthetic. All thanks to Bill Belew.
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