It’s my hopes that this blog will inspire you to support and appreciate all things related to Art, Architecture, Design and Photography.

As an independent photographer with over 15 years of experience documenting the Bay Area region of Northern California, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to see some of the things I have seen and having had the opportunity to document them. I love to shoot architecture, California’s urban and natural landscape as well as the people in it.

Having learned the medium under the guidance of a reputable architectural photographer and with the completion of an Art degree from SJSU in 1999, I started forming my own direction and image style that I would later develop. Assisting a professional under a traditional ideology of what commercial photography should look like was somewhat challenging. Luckily I found solace in my academic studies where image making was dictated by personal expression and not by a client. It’s been several years since then and I have learned to separate my personal work from my commercial assignments. Although I find less time for personal assignments these days I always manage to incorporate a bit of those personal traits that reminds me of why I love image making so much.

I’m a sucker for traditional film capture, especially the large format type.