Promotion can be Attractive with Bill Blew, Blogging

Bill Belew

Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning but, having really felt that blessings come in many forms or guises. Having subscribed to the ideology that great artist work on the content of their work rather than the promotion of it, I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that this morning’s seminar has been very insightful and somewhat relates to my original principal that good content is king. Embarrassed in the sense that I truly believed that promotion is best left for entities that are concerned about their bottom line and any real artist should steer clear of any notion of coming across as pitchy. New to the idea of Blogging and writing about my work and how I relate to the world around me when it comes to all things Art and Design and really interested in getting the word out there about my photography art work I’ve been surprised to learn that the actual writing or journaling about my work can be the attraction or aesthetic. All thanks to Bill Belew.

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